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I am an experienced software entrepreneur looking to create another software company. In my career, I've been co-founder or early employee of several startups, two of which were successful. Together they created $85M in shareholder value.

Major News

Feb 2012: The Purisma product and team have been sold to SAP as an "acqui-hire". At SAP, I am co-chief-architect coordinating the work of 60 developers in 5 locations to deliver a new strategic product for master data management using the HANA platfom.

November 2007: Purisma was acquired by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). My title within D&B is "Director Of Technology" for the Purisma group. In this role, I'm working closely with product management and the engineering team to craft future D&B/Purisma products.

July 2003: I've taken the role of "Director of Back-End Engineering" at Purisma. I am employee #1 of a funded startup with great potential and a nice group of people. We are building a master data management product focusing on customer data.

This is a simple website to hold my domain name. I'd rather be skiing or bicycling in my spare time.

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